Contact Information for the Diocese of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands

(for more contacts consult the Diocesan Directory)


The Catholic Chancery

P.O. Box 301825

St. Thomas, V.I. 00803-1825

Telephone:      (340) 774-3166

Fax:                 (340) 774-5816


Home Page:

Deliveries:      The Catholic Chancery

                        29A-30A Prindsesse Gade

                        Charlotte Amalie, VI 00802


Bishop of the Diocese of St. Thomas

            Most Rev. Herbert A. Bevard                         Ext. 201


Vicar General

            Rev. Msgr. Jerome Feudjio                              Ext. 206


Vicar for Clergy and Religious

Moderator of the Curia &

            Rev. Msgr. Jerome Feudjio                              Ext. 206



            Very Rev. Neil Scantlebury                            Ext. 217


Executive Assistant

            Mrs. Valerie Douté                                         Ext. 201


Coordinator of Child Protection Program

            Ms. Callista Julien                                           Ext. 203 or (340) 778-0484


Director of Finance

            Mr. Warren Bush                                              Ext. 205


Diaconate Program                                                     

            Rev. John Mark, Executive Director               (340) 692-2005

            Rev. Mr. Denis Griffith, Program Dir.           


Editor – Catholic Islander

            Rev. John Fewel                                              Ext. 211